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About LiaWoA


LiaWoA is an up and coming company dedicated to producing original art and stories for your entertainment. From digital content to physical merchandise, we strive to synthesize the plethora of avenues creatives engage in. 

Our Mission


Here at LiaWoA we wish to uplift new talent and provide resources to those who may need a helping hand. By supporting our content, you're directly helping in our expansion to provide these opportunities. A major controversy that plagues the internet is piracy and many will resort to it due to a lack of accessibility. We stand firmly against theft of any kind and will provide legal software to our future employees. 

In the long term, we plan to produce original IPs across various media as well as collaborate with up and coming creators. 

Current Projects


Expedition Uncharted by Leo Nikola

"Four Decades after their Atlas was destroyed, Kulmarus sets out to rebuild it following a period of post-war reconstruction. Join Ocsepia and her crew as they take on the unknown and a lurking enemy... the past."





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