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Emergency Commissions

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Send me a ref of your character(s) and what commission type you would like. Specify the pose, expression, background color, and what add-ons you would like on the commission. 

myster dungeon.png
myster dungeon.png

Full Image


1 Full body, basic background.

+$20 per additional character

+25 for a more detailed image



Simple headshot from the shoulders up with a simple blurred background or a graniant.

+$10 per additional character

+8 for shading

+15 for a more detailed background

free art Astral.png
24 days of art 5.png
Height tests.png
Akita canine flags.png
super pride howie.png

Full body


A simple full body image.

+8 for shading

+15 for a dynamic pose


Animated Icon


Hair/fur blowing in the wind with blinking eyes and a small expression change.

+$50 for Cell Shading


Terms of Service

  1. General Terms

    1. The Artist will not draw

      1. Select media content, certain cryptids, and appropriated cultural or religious imagery. Feel free to ask the Artist if you have any questions.

      2. General harassment, racism, bullying, blood and gore, suggestive themes, or anything considered offensive or NSFW. 

    2. Complicated character designs are subjected to an upcharge. 

      1. The artist will refuse an animated commission if the design is too complex. 

      2. Complex props such as a detailed sword or a vehicle are also subjected to an upcharge.

      3. A Full reference sheet is required or else there is an additional charge for the design or the character. 

  2. Payment

    1. Payment must be made within 48 hours of an accepted commission. 

    2. All rates are in USD. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct conversion rate. 

  3. Copyright and Ownership

    1. By ordering a commission you are purchasing the artist’s labor only. The artist retains the full rights to the work itself which includes the promotion of the image itself. 

    2. The client is prohibited from using the commissioned work for commercial profit. 

  4. Process

    1. Prior to accepting the commission, the artist and the client will agree on an estimated timeline for completion. 

      1. Be sure you have a clear reference sheet of definitive description (see 1.b.iii) of what you would like done. If the reference is unclear, section 5.a is not applicable without an additional fee. 

    2. Works in Progress may be relayed to the client for various reasons such as the artist needing an okay about the composition or if the commission is taking longer than expected.

    3. Upon completion, the artist will send the image file via email.

  5. Customer Satisfaction

    1. The client is allowed to ask for small changes and corrections on a finished commission within seven (7) days of receiving the final product. 

    2. If the client is in need of a major change on a completed commission, additional charges apply. 

  6. Refund Policy

    1. If an art commission has not been started after Thirty (30) days of a monetary transaction, the client is allowed to ask for a refund. 

      1. For an animated commission, if there is no physical Work in Progress  after Ninety (90). 

    2. The Artist has the right to refund a commission without explaining themselves. 

    3. Dissatisfaction of the final product is not a case in which a refund is acceptable.

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